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Making Do

don’t want to be off-putting about cooking.  Some people may say I’m a food snob, which I can’t completely deny.  However, I do have Maruchan chicken-flavor ramen noodles in my cupboard, for when the mood is right.  I may doctor them up a bit, but they reside here nonetheless.  Monday night’s dinner was lacking in both snobbery and excitement.  It’s important for people to know that even a “foodie”** approaches dinner lightly in the context of a long day.  When I tumbled into my apartment after a twelve-hour day at school, I combined my exhaustion and my leftovers into the following convoluted, yet satisfying meal:

       Vodka on the rocks
o   This is actually a fairly regular “appetizer” at my place.  It stimulates the appetite, like the perfect appetizer should.  I recommend Svedka for a clean, yet reasonably priced vodka.
       2 large spoonfuls of last night’s curry, cold (the next post will address said curry).
       About ¾ of a cup of leftover rice pilaf, microwaved.
o   To this, I added a drizzle of spicy oil from a jar of hot pickled peppers and vegetables (jardinière).
o   Then a sprinkle of Lawry’s garlic salt.
o   Finally, a moderate-sized handful of shredded mozzarella (leftover from last week’s baked pasta; otherwise I would have used parmesan, which I always have on hand).

Honestly, I loved every bite; the vodka didn’t hurt either.  I don’t expect anyone to recreate this meal, myself included.  However, do not underestimate the contents of your kitchen, or your instincts.  Food doesn’t always have to be a vision of loveliness to go down easy.  

**Regarding the term “foodie”:  I dislike this term for reasons I find difficult to verbalize.  However, I sort of epitomize the concept, so I use the term from time to time for lack of a better word .  

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4 responses to “Making Do”

  1. deborahk says:

    great post – this is a blog I will be reading regularly, even if I am the author’s ant and my name is tunafish

  2. deborahk says:

    great pictures too!

  3. sophie says:

    I’m waiting to hear about the curry!

  4. claire says:

    i am so happy to went with the idea and the title! i miss the cheese and carb laden means of the GW days.

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